all fogged in.

The weather here has started to change, its getting colder and the wind has changed direction from east to west. The air has a sharpness to it, and if we get a warmer day, like we did on Friday this week, it’s followed by a really heavy sea fog the next day. Yesterday the fog didn’t really lift at all. The fog horn in town sounded for the whole morning and although the sum was out creating a hazy luminous light you couldn’t see the sky at all. You almost felt as though you were in it, being a part of it, as fragments of cloud blew visibly past you. Everything sounded both close by and yet miles away echoing through the fog.


Sunday’s walk in the Highlands

After seeing a post a friend made about their visit to Garve and the Corrieshalloch gorge national nature reserve we thought we’d stop on our way south from the island down to Inverness. We took lots of photos!!

I think this is the furthest I’ve walked for a while, and goodness it was very steep!!