Rainbow #1

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A walk around the garden.

I’ve not done too much this past week, I can hardly believe it’s been a whole week since mum died, we’re heading south for her funeral in a couple of days time.

I’ve been trying to keep busy here at home, and as today it wasn’t raining or blowing a Gale I thought I’d go out into our garden and see what’s still blooming!

Sunday is my day in the garden

There aren’t many days where I can spend all day in my garden, the weather here doesn’t really lend itself to much time out of doors! But for the past few days we have enjoyed rather warm weather! We even had a mini Barbecue today, (I’ve had it waiting for use in my shed for three years!!!) I wasn’t sure it would even light!!! But it did! I’ve even had to water the plants which is practically unheard of!