Reflection #jibber jabber with Sue

I still can’t believe we were ever there, but here is the proof!!


Advice- #jibberjabber with Sue. (or carrying with intent…Don’t Do It!!!!!)

I was driving in town the other day when I got pulled over by the police. (I actually cut him up at a roundabout, I maintain he signalled to turn off, he says I should still have waited to see if he did turn off, anyway on with the advice part of my tale) He flashed his lights and had me pull over. I was so nervous as I’ve never ever been stopped before! First off he told me off for pulling out in front of him, then he asked me what I was doing in town today? At the moment in Scotland there is a travel ban due to C19, and so we’re only allowed to travel more than 5 miles if it’s absolutely necessary to do so, as I live 35 miles from any shop, it sure is necessary!!! Also I have been doing quite a bit of shopping for some of the family’s I usually look after as part of my normal job. But who are in isolation while we are all still in lockdown. I told him I was just shopping and then dropping it all off. He nodded and then looked in the back of the car.

My car is my office/work station and is filled with all my cleaning and gardening equipment plus laundry baskets etc. And even on a good day (today was not a good day) looks chaotic! He then said, “you wouldn’t be working now, would you? You know that’s illegal at the moment, because going into peoples home isn’t allowed, don’t you?” I sputtered and stuttered that no I wasn’t, I just had to drop off some shopping and I’d be going home! (I was actually about to call on a 91 year old stroke victim I look after and vacuum her house and mow her lawn as she can do neither herself as she’s stuck in bed 24/7 and had no family on the island …but I couldn’t tell him that!! As I knew I definitely should not be doing that, even if I was socially distancing!! He’d obviously got me all figured out. “Well my advice to you is drop of that shopping and then go home, do you understand? You then just go on home!” I said I did and that I would. I was so shocked at being stopped and then told off I just sat there for a while and sobbed my heart out over doing wrong, I then had to call my disappointed nonagenarian and tell her that there would be no vacuuming today and I slunk off home .

Change-#jibber jabber with Sue.

No one likes change, you get used to things as they are! My friend Marie had a car, it was old and didn’t always run! I wrote her a poem in Cumbrian dialect (as that’s where she’s from) on the day she got the bad news that she’d have to buy I new car.


Its gitten engineittus!

Its stopped just to spite us.

Plugs don’t wark

Thas na vital spark

En’t breaks shot ta hell

Exausts gan as well

Bloody thing want ga –

Why? I don’t na

Now it used ta run grand

Though every bits second and.

But naw am startin to panic

Since it went to yon macanic!

Now the gears are all shot

Thas just one thing we got

Thast four warking lights

Even then that’s not rite

Thes blinkin en fizzin

When ont road shud be whizzin!

But that yon macanic should na!

If he knew is arse from is elbaw!

But he ses its ta ald

Buy a new yan as tald

So al stick at me thumb

Waiten for a car ta come

Then al git me a lift

Till this car a can shift

Then its back ta tha shop,

Cas the bliddy things stopped!