#flower of the day 17th September 2020


Change-#jibber jabber with Sue.

No one likes change, you get used to things as they are! My friend Marie had a car, it was old and didn’t always run! I wrote her a poem in Cumbrian dialect (as that’s where she’s from) on the day she got the bad news that she’d have to buy I new car.


Its gitten engineittus!

Its stopped just to spite us.

Plugs don’t wark

Thas na vital spark

En’t breaks shot ta hell

Exausts gan as well

Bloody thing want ga –

Why? I don’t na

Now it used ta run grand

Though every bits second and.

But naw am startin to panic

Since it went to yon macanic!

Now the gears are all shot

Thas just one thing we got

Thast four warking lights

Even then that’s not rite

Thes blinkin en fizzin

When ont road shud be whizzin!

But that yon macanic should na!

If he knew is arse from is elbaw!

But he ses its ta ald

Buy a new yan as tald

So al stick at me thumb

Waiten for a car ta come

Then al git me a lift

Till this car a can shift

Then its back ta tha shop,

Cas the bliddy things stopped!