Learning how to remember how to walk

This is the post excerpt.

  • Where do I start? I used to walk everywhere, it was just the way I got around. I’d walk the 7 miles to school each day, mainly because I couldn’t afford the train fare and no one at home was about to give it to me so if I wanted to get to school I either hitched a ride or had to walk, I wasn’t good at hitching so I walked a lot. We lived in a small village just outside the Lake District national park, and the closest secondary school was in the main town a train stop away. I didn’t have a bicycle, so I walked most days. I look back on that time now and can’t begin to imagine walking 14 miles each day and then all the walking from classroom to classroom and doing gym and field hockey too. No wonder I’m so tired all the time these days! 

Author: 40puddlejumper

Living in the Outer Hebrides - Walking and overthinking and then not walking while I’m overthinking. Sometimes poet, sometimes taking photos. Always willing to learn something new!!!

2 thoughts on “Learning how to remember how to walk”

  1. This post is lovely — both for this gorgeous fall photo but also for the narrative you included. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. I hope I have some photos and tales that appeal to you as well. Stay safe out there. We’re beginning to open up in Tennessee!!!


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